Fan pulled out of the crowd at a rugby game for a chance to win £250,000 if he can he hit the cross bar. He even kicked it bare foot, so he wouldn't get his shoes dirty.
Broscience: Halloween Costumes for Gym Bros
Improvised jokes between Jillian Bell & Jonah Hill in 22 Jump Street. Jillian Bell should be in more movies.
Mobile customer service prank... wait for it to setup...
Antares Rocket explodes on liftoff.
NASA ANTARES Rocket Explosion 10/28/14
This man counterfeited $250 million, got caught, and then got away with it.
Tony Hawk still kills it at age 46
As far as I know...St. Louis is the only place where kids are almost 100% expected to tell a joke in order to get candy on Halloween. Here are a bunch of them.
The Silly Bastard Next To The Bed (2014) - In 1963, JFK recorded one of the most foul-mouthed telephone calls ever made from the White House. This is the story of the silly bastard who started it all [8:09].