It's like they were TRYING to kill us
"It's only f***ing snow, Alan." We don't get snow often in Ireland...
The Extraordinary Genius of Albert Einstein (2010) - Einstein's journey and struggles to prove the theory of relativity that challenged Newton's law [89:53]
PBS NOVA Extreme Cave Diving (2010) - cave divers explore underwater caverns for pristine fossils and human remains
Why Psychedelic research is important - Jason Silva, the host of National Geographic’s award winning series, Brain Games, explains.
Bert Kreischer - I Am The Machine
Thank You From The Real Life Peter Griffin
Giant oil rig being thrown around by heavy seas
A few friends and I built a robot using a Raspberry Pi, so another friend who had moved away could still attend our New Years party. Controlled with an X-Box controller on his end, and given sight with a camera phone on ours, here we are drunkenly playing with the robot during the party.
Amazing Swedish magic in Melbourne