This Guy has 5 videos from a few years ago and I can't find anything else about him and his incredible music other than he lived in Florida
Real Dog Meets Boston Dynamics Robot Dog for First Time
Tiger Woods opened a new golf course for children today. The inaugural shot was a hole in one.
It's a Job. Jon Lajoie (aka Regular Everyday Normal Guy aka The League's Taco) just released the first song from his serious music project, Wolfie's Just Fine
Dr. Jennifer Berman Teaches Conan Male Kegel Exercises
Machine-guns: light, medium, heavy, or sub?
never seen so many people commiting a robbery...
But I'd Really Have To Kill You
Learn to work cement with John Dunsworth, AKA Mr. Lahey
Wintergatan - Marble Machine (music instrument using 2000 marbles) [04:32]