Guy On PCP In McDonalds Gets Tased And Pepper Sprayed Multiple Times.
Carts of Darkness (2008)
This guy on the anti-technology trend
A heart-warming animation - "Omelette"
The real voice of Darth Vader
Guy films himself catching balls at batting practice
The Last One (2008) - In a far corner of Southern Appalachia, moonshiner Popcorn Sutton makes one last batch of true bootleg whiskey.
The Story of N.W.A.'s Fuck tha Police (2015) - Vice short doc on the band's seminal song featuring interviews with NWA, gangbangers and Compton Police.
Probably the most insane teamwork goal in Rocket League 2v2 by Kuxir97 and Sad_Junior
Dolphins having fun in the waves at an Australian beach.