Mass Incarceration in the US / By the Volgbrothers
Are people really this careless? [0:09]
Freeskier Double Backflips over 180 Ft "Death Gap"
One of the smartest dogs I've seen!
Extreme level 11/10
NYPD Cop accepts dance battle against street artist. Cop KILLS it!
My friend Ross was watching True Detective when he thought: "What if Rust Cohle was suddenly transported to the world of those adorable AT&T spots?" So he and his filmmaker friends made this bit of brilliance.
Crabs stage attack on birds nest. As they get injured, they simply amputate their own limbs.
Nick Cannon fakes a basketball shot for a filming of America's Got Talent at the Nets vs. Knicks game; the whole stadium reacts accordingly
Incredible woodworking skills