for someone who doesn't listen to hip-hop much these days, this song put a smile on my face in traffic this morning. The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By
Christian Bale first interview ever with Gene Shalit 1987 for Empire of the Sun.
Aesop Rock ft. Blockhead -- None Shall Pass [HipHop]
Guy can't find his cigarette lighter
Keith Moon passes out on stage during the first night of The Who's 1973 Quadrophenia tour. A 19 year old in the front row named Scot Halpin, who hadn't played drums in a year, was given a shot of brandy and went up and finished the set with the Who.
6 rooms into 1: New York apartment packs 1100 square ft into 420. I want a place like this
A mammoth Russian Icebreaker ship breaks 7 ft thick ice. Powered by 75,000 horsepower nuclear engine.
After being told a million times that I need to do voiceovers, I finally landed my first gig.
Amazing Toy From The 1960s
Snoop Dogg is inexplicably good at The Price Is Right