Ferrofluid clock.
That feeling you get when you realize you just jumped off a mountain and need to hold it together.
This is Cuba's Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet [720p] (2015)
A Dangerous Game (2015) – About the eco-impact of luxury golf resorts around the world. Featuring Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump.
Children of the Decree (2004) - a film about Decree 770, which banned abortion and contraception in Romania and created a "lost generation" of more than 150,000 orphans.
Trump Or Colbert
And this is how you get ejected from a Rugby game
How we drink coffee in Sweden
[Vine] So kawaii, oh wait..
No more of the annoying "LEFT SWIPE DAT" crap. This is how you make an effective anti-smoking commercial.