Inside the cylinder of a running internal combustion engine in slow motion 1:17.
Fedex driver leaves back door open and packages fall out on highway
Aggressive driver held on $250,000 bail after the victims call California Highway Patrol during the incident
The Panama Deception (1992) An Oscar-Winning documentary alleging that the 1989 US invasion of Panama could be classified a war crime.
Manhatta (1921) [11:44] short documentary of life in 1920s New York. Beautiful cinematography, with a modern musical score.
Central Michigan University does not disappoint in the Bahamas Bowl
Boycotting Gawker sites and contacting their supporters with concerns about their ethics has cost them dearly. They've just recorded a 7 figure loss-implying 1 million dollars, but possibly anything up to ten times as much. They've fired their editorial director, and their founder is stepping down.
Internet Story
Arthur C. Clarke Mysterious World S01 E01 (1980)
The Kursk Submarine Disaster (2006)