Livestreamer goes to Jake Paul's home and is swarmed by hordes of children many under 12 years old. (3:04 time stamp)
Call centers made us hate "How may I help you?"
Sexual dimorphism in anglerfish is extreme. How they mate is even more extreme
This guy creates an entire imaginary band on stage and absolutely kills it playing a cover of Billie Jean with only a ukulele.
Hawk tries to steal drone, couldn't care less about the silly human owner trying to shoo the hawk away.
This is what how-to videos would be without the mountains of BS they throw in. I find it almost jarring.
Vince Staples Delivers Hot Takes While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones
The Crown | Season 2 Teaser [HD] | Netflix
Molten aluminum poured into animal skull produces a replica of its brain [7:53]
My little brother playing a song he wrote. He hates sharing his music. Told him a few on here will think its is.