Jack Black kills it - National Anthem 2013
"Chichis Negra" (or how to bond with a day laborer)
My Dog Is Weirder Than Your Dog
I could watch this all day long.
Guy Steals Idiots' Private Information Right In Front of Them
My friend's snapchat story after a train made him late for work for the third time
"Mao's Great Famine" (2012) - an objective, in-depth look at the disaster.
WWII: The Complete History [Part 1] (2000) This is the best documentary I could find on the precise history of the world wars.. Very simply and elegantly explains the history and conditions that led to World War II.
My 16 year old cousin sent a weather balloon 111,000 feet into the atmosphere. It lost connection with his tracker shortly after, and was found 5 weeks later, 57 kilometres away in a paddock. He got some really impressive footage of south-east Queensland, Australia.
Remember the video about Cumberbatch not beeing able to say penguin? Here he is reacting to it!